Pricing (UK)

Our Pricing in a Nutshell

    Price (GBP £ + VAT)
Receiving per unit 0.2 Covers receiving per unit into the warehouse
Storage per Pallet 3.50 Per Week
Pick and Pack per Order 1 Covers the order and is £0.2 per unit in the order
Returns Handling per Order 1 Covers the order and is £0.2 per unit in the order  

Core Services

Our core services cover the full cycle of receiving, putting away, storing, picking, packing, and returns handling, an item from the time that you send it to us through to delighting your customers when they receive it!


This is our service to receive your items into our warehouse environment. You send us a packing list together with your physical items. We unpack, inspect and put away your items into our storage locations. We charge £0.2 per unit received into the warehouse. 


This is our service to hold your items in our storage locations. We charge a flat charge per location, regardless of whether a location is used for a day or for the whole month. Our storage starts at £3.50 a pallet, per week.

Pick and Pack

This is our pick and pack service. You send us an order, we retrieve the order items from storage, and pack them for shipment. We charge £1 per order, whilst charging £0.2 per unit in the order.

Returns Handling

This is our service to process a return. We receive a customer return, inspect and put away the items into our storage locations. Any items that may be damaged or may not meet your quality guidelines, will be flagged and put aside for further instructions from you. We charge £1 for the order to be processed, whilst charging £0.2 for each unit. 

Value Added Services

These are additional services that you may want to opt for from time to time, but aren't mandatory by any means!


This is our service to add a barcode to an item. Every item that we place in a storage location requires barcode. If your products arrive at our warehouse already barcoded, we do not require them to be barcoded again. We charge £0.2 per barcode, per item.

Labels and Despatch Notes

Carrier labels will cost £0.2 per label to print. Printed Despatch notes will also cost £0.2.

Assembly and Labour

This is our service to put items together that may arrive separately or may need to be bundled for special offers. For example, you may want to sell a pair of shoes together with a pair of socks as part of a special offer. Our labour charges start at £25 per hour, this may vary, dependent on the task.

Custom Packaging

This is our service to provide custom packaging to meet your requirements. We can use existing packaging that you may have in-stock or we are able to assist with designing, and sourcing custom packaging. We will provide a custom quote based on your requirements.

Oversized Items

This is our service to handle oversized items. This covers items that are larger than 50cm x 50cm x 50cm or exceed 5 Kg in weight. We will provide a custom quote based on your requirements

Premium Support

This is our service to provide our highest tier of support. This includes response time under eight (8) hours 24x7, together with a Slack channel and dedicated number to reach us . We charge £100 per month.

Holiday Surcharges 

During Public and Private Holidays, Farfill will be functioning, if we're not we will be dropping you an email to give you a clear indicator of our working days. If you wish for us to continue fulfilling your orders, drop us a note, our pick and pack fees are double during this time. We will not fulfil your orders unless we're asked to during the holiday time period.

Future Pricing Updates

We're tweaking and evolving our pricing as our offering iterates and as we add new services. This page will continue to be updated. We try our best to provide appropriate notice before any pricing changes come into affect.

Custom Pricing

If you're looking for more customised pricing for pallet storage, higher volumes or B2B pricing. We're happy to help, please drop us an email at and we'll be happy to quote you something that works for you!