Warehouse Guidelines

Preparing Products

To avoid assembly and sorting fees, your products should arrive to Farfill ready to ship: pre-assembled, sorted, with a unique barcode for each SKU, and an associated ship notice. We are happy to help with whatever is necessary to get your products to meet these standards.

You are also responsible for making sure the inventory gets to us with all customs cleared and duties paid. In some instances we can assist with this, however we reserve the right to charge an admin cost to manage the complete process. Admin costs will vary depending on the complexity of clearing products.

Once you've signed your contract with Farfill you can set up an appointment to send your products into the warehouse.


In most cases, we require a delivery appointment at least 48 hours before expected delivery. Please reach out to hello@farfill.com if you need your facility contact email


All products need barcodes to exist in a Farfill warehouse. We recommend having your products barcoded inline with manufacturing. If your products need barcoding, we can do this when we receive the inventory. We charge $0.20 per unit for this service.

The barcodes we add are not Official UPC codes, so if you plan to sell in a retail store you will need to have one printed on your products before sending them to us.

Product Data:

We've a publicly available Google Sheet that you can download and fill out your product data to send us across. For your initial on-boarding we'll set you up in our system and run through how to use our system.

Assembly / Sorting

If your products require assembly, sorting, or gathering upon receiving them, we can do this for $35 per hour of labour.

If you provide us with accurate product data with clear indicators of barcoding, product locations in each box we won't need to charge a sorting fee.